Monday, August 21, 2006

we R family!

So this past week since returning home has been filled with lots of incredibly fun family time. I think I mentioned in my last post that all my mom's family came up for Dave and Aimy's wedding. This is the family that we have tri-annual reunions with all over the country. In 2004 we met up in Maine. The wedding was a great time to have a reunion before our next reunion (next summer)...and oh did we live it up! I can't really explain my family, you just have to experience them for yourselves. I think Aimy was a bit overwhelmed/inundated with craziness and love, but is warming up. You've got a year before the next big shabang Aim, so all is well!

Thanks again Burdines for making the trek up here from all over! God has blessed us with a one of a kind family! Erik, blessings on ya as you seek work now. Who knows maybe you'll be up here in a year working on the slope? Beth, thanks for the late night talks on the oh so lumpy hyda-bed! You're the bomb! Allison, Miss hostess, planner're in charge of checkin' out our options in DC so we can have a girl trip before reunion next summer. I'm in! Jennifer, blessings on ya girl as you make the cross country road trip trek from the great land of CA to the tropical land of NC. May all go well with Mr. Romeo! Katherine, par le vouz france? You are a one man/girl show. Take care of Bertha for me! Britt, thanks again for the great up-do for the wedding! Blessings on your senior year! Alex, slow down your milk intake, you're towering over the whole gang! I'm definitely out of the running! Frederick, I saw a whole new side of you this trip...table dancing?? Maybe stick to circus stunts! Love and miss you all!

A little explanation of the pictures...Katherine bustin' a move solo and Katherine and Beth doing an interpretive umbrella dance.

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Kari Smith said...

I miss you Katherine!!!!!!! I would have loved to be up there interpretive dancing with you all! :)