Saturday, June 18, 2011


Erin and her sister Caitlyn who was her maid of honor

Erin, OB and my dad

Johanna, me, Erin, Amanda, Emily, Mayerly

Becky and her dad

Two of my former youth girls from Wasilla Bible got married this past week. Becky and Chris got married in her parents back yard on a GORGEOUS AK summer morning! Erin and OB (Oba) got married on the military base in Anchorage yesterday on yet another GORGEOUS AK summer afternoon. Both girls were stunning brides!

It's hard to believe 4 years ago I was attending their high school graduations. The group picture at Erin's wedding is myself and Amanda who were youth leaders to all of the girls in that group. Three in that group are now happily married! God is so good! What fun memories! Love you both and wish you the best in marriage!


the Niednagel family at Crow Creek Mine

Jonathan, Peter, John Mark and Ben heading out to bear hunt

husky pups at the Iditarod Museum

sledding in the few patches of snow that were left

hiking at Hatcher's Pass

paddle boat races at a friend's cabin in Big Lake

Stephanie, Annie, Benjamin and Daniel at the glacier

Luke's bear

The end of May and beginning of June was a fun filled busy time with guests, guests and more guests. After my cousin Beth left to go back to Seattle to prep for her deployment some friends of ours, the Niednagels, from Los Angeles came up for nine days to visit.

This trip originally started as three fathers and their oldest sons coming up for a week to bear hunt with Ben. We talked the Niednagel crew in to an entire family vacation though! Soooo, The Niednagels came for 9 days and crashed with us at our place. It worked perfect, the parents took our spare bedroom and their 5 awesome kiddos crashed up stairs in the youth room that is filled with 12+ couches. They loved it!

Jonathan (the dad) and his two oldest sons spent a good part of their time out in Willow bear hunting baits Ben set up weeks prior. Stephanie and I took the younger three kiddos and toured around the area hitting Matanuska Glacier, Sutton fossil mines, Hatchers sledding and hiking, and the Iditorod Museum. The bummer part for the Niednagels is they did not end up getting a bear but two other groups that came up did. We did sneak in some family trips one to Crow Creek Mine, one to the AK Wilderness Center out past Girdwood and a day out fishing.

Rick Holland another friend from LA and a Rick G. from Kansas both came with their sons as well during the same week (arriving and leaving at various times). Rick G., his son and Rick Holland's son Luke all got bears so they were pretty pumped! Ben and I also got to take Rick H. and Luke out on a successful King fishing trip the day they flew out. It was a whirlwind couple of weeks but we loved having time with everybody! Hopefully they will come again and soak up even more of AK!