Sunday, August 30, 2009


Yes, the fires are back again in Southern, CA. We hit another hot spell this past week of 100+ and the fires have taken off. This morning on the radio they said over 36,000 acres have burned this go 'round. We live about 20 miles from the closest fire, so far so good for us now. It has been smokey to say the least.

On our way to church this morning the radio station we were on said it was going to be in the hundreds the next few days with 35 mile an hour winds and 3% humidity. The broadcaster then commented that cardboard probably has more humidity than 3%. It is so dry and the wind is not helping.

I remember the fire in Big Lake in 1996 and how crazy that got. Our hope then was rain. In the 100 degree desert, however, there is no rain. Things are crazy to say the least in So Cal. Pray for families, schools and the people fighting the fires here.

Saturday, August 29, 2009

Korean Ministry

The day after Ben and I got back to CA we had a dinner/interview with Pastor Lee about a youth pastor position at a small Korean church in Santa Clarita. We'd known about the opportunity since this past spring. Another seminary grad and friend of Ben's was the former youth pastor told us that they would need someone new to fill in when his sem buddy left this summer.

Long story short the dinner went well. We had the opportunity to meet Pastor Lee, his wife Michelle and daughter Sarah (who translated most of our conversation) and he asked Ben to be the new youth pastor of their church. It is a small church of about 11 families. They rent space from another church on Sunday afternoons and Friday nights. Most of the first generation Koreans speak only Korean and all of the second generation students that we work with speak English fluently.

So for the past month we have been settling in to a new ministry here. We go to our regular church Sunday mornings and then drive to the Korean church in the afternoon to do a Bible study with the youth. Every Friday night we have youth group with about 6-10 junior and senior high students.

Being that it is a small church there is not a lot of pressure to plan major events and/or keep office hours. Ben gets a small stipend each month but our main reason for taking the position was the ministry experience it will give Ben. He is enjoying the transition from preaching at the drug rehab center last semester. This job allows us to get to know and build relationships with the students and it is a more consistent ministry opportunity.

Thursday, August 20, 2009

the little things . . .

Several people have asked me recently how I like married life. I have to say the longer I am married the more I love it. I know we are still in the "honeymoon" stage but every week we've been married, even on our honeymoon I have gotten to know Ben better and see aspects of his character that I didn't know or experience before that I love. He is SO patient, giving (to me and to others), tender, and helpful. I have marveled at how truly perfect we are for each other. We balance each other out so well.

Some of the people (friends, co-workers, family) that have been asking me, "How's married life?" have shared after my comments that it only gets better with time. I know marriage is going to have its ups and downs but it is a sweet gift from God. Those 31 years of waiting for the right man paid off in full. I have an amazing man of God that blesses me daily.

One fun "little thing" he did for me today was surprise me with an electric toothbrush. You may think no big deal, it's a toothbrush, but I've never had one and I commented a couple times about his saying it would be nice to get one some day. When I got home and washed my hands in the bathroom this afternoon I saw a new electric toothbrush plugged in next to his! That made my day!

I want to remember and enjoy even the "little things" in marriage. It's the "little things" that make things extra special. Thanks Ben! I love you!


Last week I got to spend a day with my cousin Jennifer. She was down from Northern California to stay with a friend that had surgery. We went out to lunch, spent the afternoon at the pool and then she came over to our new apartment to have dinner and play the bean game with me and Ben.

I love having family all over the country. I have now lived in three states where other extended family live, SC (near family in Charlotte, NC), MN (for college), and now CA. Ben and I are looking forward to the triennial Burdine reunion this coming summer!

Thanks for hanging out Jennifer! We hope to see you again while we're in CA!

Thursday, August 13, 2009

Wedding pics!

the first time we saw each other . . . unforgettable, thank you LORD for the godly man you have given to me I am a blessed woman

fancy footwear!

some things never change

a personal favorite


Unity candle . . . being united as One in Christ

My dad coming up to do our vows . . . definitely an Eller moment

Lee and Trisha Mitchell the couple that introduced us . . . THANK YOU!!

the giving of the bride

Hedge of prayer over me just before the ceremony . . . thank you LORD for sweet fellowship

Our super sweet flower girls Charlotte and Morgan

Psalm 34:1-3 the passage Ben read to me when he proposed

Our wedding party

the boys

the girls

I am finally getting to the BIG post of wedding pics! Katie "Tegeler" Anaya was our photographer and I have to say she did an outstanding job. We got a great mix and variety of color, black and white, sepia, and various tinted pics that are awesome! Thanks KT! I'll add more pics in the days to follow.

Thursday, August 06, 2009


Some of you heard while we were on our honeymoon Ben got a phone call from one of his roommates letting him know that his car had been stolen. We literally had just gotten to Denali Park on the second stint of our honeymoon adventure and the call came. He only had liability insurance being that it was an '88 Thunderbird that well, did it's job of transporting Ben to and from class but wasn't the most reliable car in the world. So we were out of luck on getting any money back and out of a car that Ben needs to get to and from work and class being that we work in different corners of LA.

The great part came about a week later. Ben was online checking the seminary postings where sem. guys and people from Grace Church (where we go) post things online to sell like Craig's list only personal and REALLY cheap. He happened to find a car online that day for sale for $1700 OBO. He called to check and see if it was still for sale. Long story short, he knows the guy from class and after the guy heard the story of his stolen car he said he give it to us for FREE!!

Praise the Lord for his abundant provision! We definitely had not budgeted this early in the game for a new car and now we have one that is BETTER than Ben's old car! God is so good! We are SO thankful! We are now the owners of a 1993 Pontiac Grand Prix.