Thursday, March 11, 2010

good times with family

Water World stunt show

I don't know if I mentioned it in my last post but I loooooved having my dad down for a week to see our first "home" and stay at the Mosier Mansion Suites. We live in a one bedroom apartment right now so Ben made him a make shift bedroom in our dining room haning up sheet walls. We set up a twin air mattress and had a make shift little table in there to make it cozy. It was so fun!

We stayed up way to late most nights talking and playing cards. Sunday after church we got out to see a little bit of LA taking my dad to Universal Studios. It was Ben's first time going too so we all had a good time out. We went to most of the shows and rides and then wrapped up the night with dinner at Bubba Gumps. Okay we wrapped up the night at home with a final round of Spades . . . which I won. Not that I'm proud. :)

The next day I had to work but dad and Ben had a leisure morning with peach pie for breakfast and a quick drive around our lake (it's beautiful). I got home that afternoon pretty sad that he had left only to find a beautiful floral arrangement on our kitchen counter from non other than the Papa Bear (I've called him that since I was a little girl). Of course I cried. :) Ben is such a tender and carry husband and just hugged me quitely.

We LOVED having you here dad and can't wait to have you and mom down in May! We're also super excited to have some of Ben's family down in May too for his graduation from seminary, woohoo he's almost done!!

Dad's visit

I think this past nine months has been the longest I have been away from my family. I've lived away from home a couple of times but have always gone back for Christmas. Since our wedding I have not been back to AK to see any family and I have to admit though life is really good right now I do miss them.

This past week my dad flew down to LA to visit and it was WONDERFUL!! He came to see us and to participate in a pastor's conference at our church. Our time together reminded me how much I do miss my family. Married life is amazing and our time down here has been good but I'll admit I am very much looking forward to getting back to Alaska this coming July.

We had some special reunions while my dad was here. Ashley (Ryan) Mehringer and Matt came over for dinner the first night. We had a great time catching up, reminising about AK and thinking of ways to cause preterm labor . . . like long walks, doing stair repeats that kind of thing. Laura warned dad that he better not see her first grandchild before she got to. Good news, Ashley hasn't delievered and is now just one week away from her due date!

Another super cool reunion happened the first day of the conference. My dad was waiting to meet up with Ben when he saw an old friend of ours Fred Gums across the way. Fred and Kamie used to live near us in North Dakota. Their kids David and Marie were our best friends for years. I still keep in touch with Marie. SMALL WORLD. My parents recently flew to Iowa to visit Fred and Kamie for a surprise ministry thing at his church.

Another fun Alaska reunion happened Sunday morning between services. We met up with Chuck and Becca Martin long time friends of ours from Wasilla, AK. The Martins moved to Los Angeles years ago and Becca was actually my connact person to get a job in the school district that I am currently working for. Dad really enjoyed catching up brief as it was with both of them and their daughter Kailyn who is a senior this year. It's amazing to see how God intertwines and uses friendships from all avenues and stages in life to continue to bless us.

Matt and Ashley

Fred Gums

Chuck and Becca Martin