Sunday, September 17, 2006


My set is now complete. As of today I have pictures of my favorite bridge in all four seasons. We're experiencing our Alaskan 2 week fall right now and today turned out to be gorgeous and sunny! I would not be deterred from capturing the moment getting the Knik River Bridge during one of our shortest seasons of the year. I actually went out right after church this morning but the sun was behind the mountain and the colors didn't show so I went back this evening to get another set.

Homecoming was this past week for CHS and WHS. I went to the Wasilla High Powder Puff game to watch Mayerly play some of the junior girls from our Merge trip. As is tradition the seniors cleaned ended up being 40 something to zero. Kind of crazy to think I did that 11 years ago!! Can I really be that old?!?

For those who know Elizabeth, she is doing MUCH better! Her operation went well. She's on crutches and sore but getting around. She was at church today and looked GREAT! She is hoping to do half days at school this week depending on how her energy level holds up. A long patient road lays ahead of her. One day at a time Elizabeth! We're praying for you!

Tonight was Morgan Bacon's 2nd birthday party. A totally girlie party. Abby Novak showed up in a full on princess, shoes, jewelry costume and brought a spare for Morgan to wear. No J.D. tractor rides from g-pa this party! I love the simplicity and excitement of life at that age. She has no idea that this is all in honor of her, but loves opening gift after gift each time her "oooohhhh, ahhhh, YAY" getting louder and longer. She is a cutie pie!

Another eventful thing happened today. My cousin Eliza"Beth" was commissioned into the Army. She is now officially a Leutinent Nurse in the U.S. Army! I am totally proud Beth! She'll be heading to TX the end of this week for a 3 month training after which she'll move up to the cold land of DC (January) for her first assignment. A little change of pace for a life long Californian. Blessings on ya cuz! We're still on for our weekly calls! Love ya!

I'm also housesitting again now. I'm watching my old HS band teacher's house on the Palmer side of town so my commute to work is a little longer, but it's nice to have my own space for awhile. They have two dogs to keep me company and make me feel safe at night being located more in the back woods. They have an AMAZING view of Pioneer Peak out the back side of their house!! The back side is covered in windows so I eat breakfast every morning in the dining room and watch the sun come up. I get paid to live in gorgeous places! Thank you Lord!!

Sunday, September 10, 2006

hospital visit

Yesterday one of my youth girls, Elizabeth Golter, was running in a cross country race at Kincaid Park. All was going well, she was about 20 yards from the finish line when she dropped to the ground in excruciating pain. Her leg has been bothering her for the past couple months and it gave out today. After about 30 minutes laying on the grass an ambulance came and took her to Providence hospital where they found out her femur was fractured just above her knee. VERY painful and strange that her femur of all bones would break at a race. They don't know right now what caused it, but it is likely some kind of weakness that has been building up that "gave in" at this particular race.

Amanda, Emily and I went into Anchorage today after church to see her before surgery. She was on a morphine drip and a partial cast to keep her leg from moving too much. About 8:00 p.m. this evening they took her in for surgery which will consist of placing hardware in her leg. They said she will not have a cast, just a lot of pins and will be on crutches for 10 weeks or so. She'll be in the hospital until Tuesday or Wednesday this week. A tough way to start off your senior year!

We had a good time reading horse magazines, catching up on school and youth group stuff and braiding her gorgeous LONG hair for pre-op.

You are a trooper Elizabeth! We love you and are praying for you!!

Sunday, September 03, 2006

State Fair

Sammy and I went to the great Alaska State Fair last night. I've been several times in the past and it doesn't really change much but this particular night was fun and memorable. One, the weather was AMAZING!! Clear skies, warm-ish temps, not TOO crowded, and it ended with a great fireworks show.

I have to admit I don't usually check out the produce even though it's one of the biggest draws known even to outsiders. Alaskan's grow HUGE vegetables and this year was no exception. One of Sammy's friends is in 4-H so we checked out all the produce and animals. There were cabbages weighing in at 65 lbs., a kalorabi (sp?) that is pending a world record at 87 lbs.! It was gigantic! A corn stock that measured at 22 feet! Not being a green thumb myself I'm not sure how they grow that big, some super duper miracle grow or plant steriods comes to mind, but they are impressive produce. If you're ever in AK during the state fair ya oughta check it out!

The night ended for us with a 17 minute fire works display. Sammy's friend (having worked years at the fair) got us front row seats to the show with about 5 others in a top secret spot that the public doesn't have access too. I say "top secret" b/c we were told by her friend, Irene, to not disclose this info to anyone. My lips are sealed. :-)