Sunday, June 15, 2008


Alex and his girlfriend Erin

where are your eyes?!?

mystery arms!

perfect fit!

the whole family...John and Tammi are now empty nesters!

cousins...Brittany graduated from the same school last year

sea of graduates...Alex is the one in blue, ha!

waiting patiently for the pomp and circumstance to begin


Brittania and me

My cousin Alex graduated from high school this weekend. Nine grandkids done, one to go! Frederick is the grand finale of the Burdine cousins and will graduate next year. How can that be? We had a great weekend together in Charlotte with friends and family. Fun side note, there were 700 students in his graduating class. The ceremony amazingly lasted 1 hour and 20 minutes! Brittany and I timed the name reading, they got through all 700 names in 35 minutes! One of the fastest ceremonies I have been to yet!

Monday, June 09, 2008

red neck hair cut

I am incredibly behind in blogging so this is a little old now but still funny. I've struggled to find someone consistent here to cut my hair. Every time I've gone to someone new and long to just be home so my sister-in-law Aimy can cut it...she is AWESOME and always does it how I like it. Anywhoo, this last cut was a cut to remember.

I went to my old salon, my girl left so a random (to me) guy cut it. He's 21, from the south and a red neck. When I got there on a Sat. morning he was preoccupied with a NASCAR race he was going to later that afternoon. He also was working through a "slight" hangover from the night before.

He started the conversation by telling me he was going to wash his hands first b/c he just finished a smoke break and they smelled like smoke...ok, that'd be nice...but he never did wash them. He got so busy talking to me he moved to washing my hair and, I suppose, his hands in that process...very professional. He quickly moved into conversation about the bar fight he witnessed the night prior and how he intervened in a knifing. My response? You're my hero?? I didn't know what to say so I just let him talk. He was a one man conversation. Every other sentence had a 4letter word. All the while he is cutting my hair like crazy.

Toward the end of my cut he comments randomly, "You should be thankful your not a preacher's daughter, they have it rough. I mean really, most just jump off the deep end and rebell b/c they can't handle the pressure what kind of life would that be?"

I smiled and responded, "Well actually, I AM a preacher's daughter and it's really not all that bad. But while you have your foot in your mouth, why don't you just keep going."

His response, "No S*** you're a preacher's daughter!?!"

Me, "Ya, I'm also going to seminary right now."

His response, "What the H*** you ARE NOT!! You gonna be come celebate nun or what? I could NEVER do that."

Me, "I AM really going, but I'm not going to be some celebate nun. I'm learning some pretty interesting stuff there."

Later he asked how old I was...ha, ya blew him away when I said 30. I'll let your imagination guess what his response was. I actually had an opportunity to ask him some questions about faith stuff and share a little more of my testimony so it was an interesting opportunity to say the least.

The funny/frustrating part...I got home, washed my hair to find the left side 1" longer than that right. My roommate died laughing then sympathized with the mess on my head. I went back the next week to have it fixed. Definitely one of the more interesting hair cutting experiences I've had in awhile...maybe ever.


Oh the joys of living in a hot place. Last week I was sleeping soundly in my bed and felt a tickle on my neck. I brushed it a few times thinking nothing of it b/c I was so exhausted. The third time I grabbed at the "tickle" and came to enough in my deep slumber to feel something there, possibly a bug. I got up and turned on my light to find...yes a nice fatty roach on my pillow!!! Ya buddy! DISGUSTING!!! It had been crawling on me for who knows how long...on my NECK!! For those who don't know I have a huge phobia about my neck...people touching it (David Eller!).

Surprisingly I caught the bug our little jar contraption and threw it outside (around 5:00 a.m.) WITHOUT screaming. A much different scenario then the time I had at a condo in Hawaii with Joani Kroon. The security guards came running to our place to ask if everything was ok. I'm either acclimating or I'm just braver in my old age.

For those bug lovers reading this I've learned something about types of roaches. Palmetto bugs are more common here. The state tree is the Palmetto tree (type of palm tree) and palmetto bugs are ALL over. The difference between a palmetto bug and an ordinary cockroach...palmetto bugs have wings and fly. Lucky us! Nothing like have a roach FLY at your face!