Monday, June 09, 2008


Oh the joys of living in a hot place. Last week I was sleeping soundly in my bed and felt a tickle on my neck. I brushed it a few times thinking nothing of it b/c I was so exhausted. The third time I grabbed at the "tickle" and came to enough in my deep slumber to feel something there, possibly a bug. I got up and turned on my light to find...yes a nice fatty roach on my pillow!!! Ya buddy! DISGUSTING!!! It had been crawling on me for who knows how long...on my NECK!! For those who don't know I have a huge phobia about my neck...people touching it (David Eller!).

Surprisingly I caught the bug our little jar contraption and threw it outside (around 5:00 a.m.) WITHOUT screaming. A much different scenario then the time I had at a condo in Hawaii with Joani Kroon. The security guards came running to our place to ask if everything was ok. I'm either acclimating or I'm just braver in my old age.

For those bug lovers reading this I've learned something about types of roaches. Palmetto bugs are more common here. The state tree is the Palmetto tree (type of palm tree) and palmetto bugs are ALL over. The difference between a palmetto bug and an ordinary cockroach...palmetto bugs have wings and fly. Lucky us! Nothing like have a roach FLY at your face!


Joani said...

I was totally thinking about our Hawaii adventure when I started to read this one =).

Anonymous said...

That's disgusting. I may not have a problem with things on my neck. But few things can gross me out the way a cockroach can.

I sprayed down my house in NC countless times the short time I was there, and still would call the then-boyfriend to come over to find and kill the ones that came in.

Korea has these long multi-legged things that I've seen in my place twice now. I don't know why they don't bother me as much. Maybe because they're blue...

cousin j