Tuesday, May 27, 2008


Barrett, Joanna, Kara downtown Atlanta

Got to take a little road trip this weekend with Joanna and her friend Barrett. It was an ecclectic weekend. They dropped me off at Charlotte Adams memorial service Sat. morning...she was my grandmother's neighbor for years in Decatur, GA. Afterward the three of us headed into downtown where we had a picnic at Centenial Park with some friends. I met up after that with John and Tammi (uncle and aunt from Charlotte, NC) to see a Braves game, yahoo! I was trying to remember the last Braves game I went to...I think it was in 1998, been awhile! Anywhoo, they pulled out a win with a two run homerun in the final inning! Wish you could have been there Dave!

We stayed with friends and had fun bonding before some of them move this month. Went to Joanna's church on Sunday, First Baptist Woodstock then headed back north going through Augusta for a wedding of some friends from CIU. Fun weekend! It was nice to have a break and get away from Columbia for awhile. I am working 45-50 hrs. a week now so things are busy here!


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Beth said...

So jealuous that you went to a Braves game!!

ace said...

Wish you could have been there! We'll have to have a Burdine cousin rendezvous sometime in Atl to remember good times with grammie!