Sunday, May 18, 2008

prayer for China...

As most of you know China was struck by a 7.9 magnitude earthquake a week ago. I know several families that live in the area where the quake hit. They are all okay praise the Lord. The city and surrounding areas however have been devasted. The Chinese government is hard at work from what I've read and heard from friends living there, but as you can imagine there is MUCH work to be done. The death toll is over 32,000 with another 200,000+ seriously injured. Please pray for China during this time of mourning, uncertainty, and relief work.

Those over there have asked specifically for people to pray for the following things:

* strength to meet people's needs
* favor with officials to go to less reached areas
* hospital staff and workers there as the needs are overwhelming
* protection as they search for people and help out
* readiness to share the gospel and open hearts to receive it
* Samaritan's Purse - did a big emergency relief drop in Chengdu yesterday (Saturday) and teams will be helping with distribution, pray for wisdom in getting it to people who need the supplies and food most

There are dozens of sites to check out online. I am hoping to attach a slide show a friend sent if I can figure it out later. There are people in need all over the world, particularly in Myanmar right now from the huge cyclone that hit, but China is close to my heart and I want to encourage you to be praying for them in the days ahead. If you want to help out financially with relief efforts I have connections on how to do that as well. Email me and let me know. Thank you for joining with me in praying for those broken right now in China.

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