Saturday, August 06, 2011

a Kroon wedding . . .

Gunner and Joani (Hannah's brother and Keet's oldest sister)

Ben and Brittany (Keet's brother and sister)

Mr. & Mrs.

All through high school, college and now as adults I have known the Kroon clan. Ben, Joani, Kep and I went to WHS together back in another era of life . . . my 15 year reunion was this past May!! Since our high school days we've all gone to college, some of us have gotten married, one is on Broadway, and some have kiddos running around keeping them busy.

Last night Keeton Kroon, the youngest of the Larry Kroon clan got married up at Hill Top ski resort. All week it has been pouring rain in south central AK. It was not looking like a good weekend for an outdoor wedding but to our surprise it cleared up mid day in Anchorage and Keeton and his bride Hannah had a gorgeous evening for an outdoor celebration! It was a fun night to see lots of friends, some up from out of state visiting for the week. Congrats to Keeton and Hannah! We love you guys!

dollar bill

Ben and I were tackling organizing our shed this week . . . spring cleaning came late for us this year. He pulled out a big three step stool that had been wrapped up in a garbage bag from our wedding. When he took off the big sticker stuck to the top step we found another wedding bill stuck inbetween! Two + years later we are STILL finding dollar bills that my family so cleaverly hid EVERYWHERE in our stuff. Talk about a GREAT wedding "prank"!! It is super fun to find MONEY even years later that people hid for us. Great memories, thanks Burdine family!!


This summer has busy, busy as expected when you're doing full time youth ministry. Ben was out a couple weeks in Kokrine Hills, a bush village, doing a youth camp for native Jr/Sr. high kids from surrounding villages. A team from Los Angeles teams with us to put on the camps. In total there is a 10 day junior high camp, a 10 day senior high camp and a 10 day discipleship camp follow-up for kids that make commitments during the previous two weeks or previous years. I was home holding down the fort during this stint of trips working summer school. Thought it would be nice to make a little extra working part time for 5 weeks. Work was good but it sure made the summer fly by!

A week after coming off of Kokrine another team of youth drove out to Eagle, I got to go with on this one :), and did a VBS along with service projects for the locals there. Ben and I went with the team in 2009 two weeks after our wedding before heading back down to CA. It was a great week of ministry and a fun time personally for me to reminisce about my high school days at WBC when we used to float the Yukon River from Dawson City, Canada to Eagle, AK. Eagle has had a major face lift since the spring 2009 flood which took out the first couple streets, homes, and buildings in Eagle. Our youth did a fabulous job putting on VBS and we had no car problems . . . that may be a first ever!

Ben has been working like crazy this week post Eagle to get VBS up and running which is this coming week. It's our last big push to wrap up the summer of big events then fall settles in, ahhhh we can't wait! I have been catching up on some much needed sleep and getting things (i.e. groceries, cleaning etc.) done before I head back to work next week. Life is a bit crazy for us these days but we are grateful to be doing ministry and to both have great full time jobs that we enjoy. God is faithful.