Wednesday, March 28, 2012

birthday season . . .

Aimy's home made Braves cake with blue cream in the middle for their son!

Dave and Aimy found out a couple days before his birthday they are expecting a BOY in early August!

At Dave's request mom pulled out the "clothes pin game" we used to play at our little kid parties. It was actually still pretty fun and got rather competitive if you can imagine Eller's getting competitive.

You're never too old for "theme parties." Mom surprised me with a Hawaiian theme party b/c she had the stuff and Ben and I just got back from Maui. Thanks Mom!

Sportin' some of mom's old preschool sunglasses . . . if you've got the decor you might as well use it! Mom has EVERYTHING when it comes to decorating

Boston Cream Pie one of my all time favorites!

At the Eller house spring means birthdays! Dave and I have March b-days and Ben and Aimy have b-days next month. There are a handful of other extended family birthdays too in March/April like Ben's mom and some of my aunts and uncles. Happy Birthday to all those out of state! We miss love and miss you!

Here are some pics from the March birthdays. Stay tuned for the April celebrations. :) We decided to go see the Wizard of Oz at the Valley Performing Arts this weekend for everyone's b-day celebration. Looking forward to it!