Sunday, August 24, 2008

John Deere eatibles...

Yes for all those inquiring minds that want to know...they really do make John Deere fruit snacks. I know, what more could a John Deere lover want? I am 30 and I confess, I still LOVE fruit snacks. A friend of mine here found them on a trip and bought a box for me this week. John Deere comes now even in eatible forms. What could possibly be next??

a new job

Two weeks ago I started my new job doing part time speech therapy at an elementary school about 20 minutes from my apartment. I'm filling in for a 12 week maternity leave working Mondays, Wednesdays and Fridays. Another speech path is filling in on the other two days that I have class. I am enjoying being back in a professional realm again and feel the school is a really good fit.

There are two other full time speech paths at my school so they have been tremendously helpful in answering questions. Paperwork is still paperwork...waaaayyyy too much, BUT I love doing therapy and working with the kids. They also have to file their own medicaid in SC so that is an additional monthly task, but something new I am learning that will be good to know should I ever choose to do private practice. About 80% of the student population is African American so I am beefing up on my eubonics. Last week I said more names wrong than I did right I think..."Miss Eller it's DAY-VON, not DE-VIN!" That along with the Quavies, Tanishas, Tyrells, Jajuans, Charlisas,'s a different culture down here. I love it! The kids are GREAT!

Saturday, August 09, 2008

John and Tammi's new house

There has been a lot of change for the Burdine family this year. Allison and Beth bothed moved to new places in the DC area. Jim and Lynn are heading back to MN after a few years in ND. I moved to SC last August. Jennifer moved to Korea and Katherine is moving to Honduras in a few days. Brittany and Alex are leaving for college this week. We don't like to let the grass grow!

Mom, here are you looooooonng awaited pics of John and Tammi's new place! It's a one level ranch style (retirement in mind) with the nice addition of a pool in the back yard. They live further outside of Charlotte now in the country, it is a beautiful area!

Beth's Graduation

My cousin, Eliza"beth" graduated this weekend from a 14 week long intensive critical care nursing program at Walter Reed. She has been working this past year at Walter Reed, one of the nations largest military medical facilities and chose to take this course to be certified to work with the most critical military injuries that come through their doors. I have had the honor of praying Beth and her other 6 classmates through their course. It was great to be able to be at the ceremony and meet the entire group. They worked INCREDIBLY hard to pass. Way to Beth! I am SUPER proud of you! (How's that for a "mother moment"??) Congrats!

Walter Reed Hospital

post ceremony shot

Beth's study group


U.S. Airforce Memorial built in October 2006

A Wednesday afternoon reunion with Logan Hubbard. We went to homecoming together back in high school and connected again this spring on facebook, small world. Great to see you again and catch up Logan!

Jefferson Library of Congress

botanical garden

roses that smell like cinnamon

one of the art Smithsonians on the way

Monday, August 04, 2008


Truth be known I am not a politically savvy person. I should be more involved or aware but reading up on politics is not how I choose to spend my free time. Being that the next election is coming up in a few short months I took a little online quiz to see where I fall on various issues. Kind of interesting if you've never done somthing like it. You can Google "political quizzes" and take one if you're interested. The one I took was at

From the quiz I took I found that I am moderately conservative on non-fiscal issues and moderately liberal on fiscal issues. I need to buff up on the specifics of the candidates but it's nice to know where I fall on various issues.

road trip...

shop in Georgetown

Potomac River with the Kennedy Center behind us

Allison and me eating our low end truffles...$2

a yuppie grocery store we stopped in in Georgetown

this store sold truffles for $750 per pound!! WHAT!?!?

Allison's turtle

Beth's new house in Maryland

This past week I worked my last shifts with my families giving personal care and ABA therapy to children with special needs. A couple weeks ago I was hired on with a school district in SC to work a 0.6 speech pathology position for a maternity leave. The job is perfect for this semester! I'll work Mon, Wed, Fridays and have class Tues and Thursdays. To celebrate my break inbetween jobs and classes starting I took a road trip to DC to visit my cousins and some friends.