Sunday, August 24, 2008

a new job

Two weeks ago I started my new job doing part time speech therapy at an elementary school about 20 minutes from my apartment. I'm filling in for a 12 week maternity leave working Mondays, Wednesdays and Fridays. Another speech path is filling in on the other two days that I have class. I am enjoying being back in a professional realm again and feel the school is a really good fit.

There are two other full time speech paths at my school so they have been tremendously helpful in answering questions. Paperwork is still paperwork...waaaayyyy too much, BUT I love doing therapy and working with the kids. They also have to file their own medicaid in SC so that is an additional monthly task, but something new I am learning that will be good to know should I ever choose to do private practice. About 80% of the student population is African American so I am beefing up on my eubonics. Last week I said more names wrong than I did right I think..."Miss Eller it's DAY-VON, not DE-VIN!" That along with the Quavies, Tanishas, Tyrells, Jajuans, Charlisas,'s a different culture down here. I love it! The kids are GREAT!

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Jen said...

Giiiirrrrrl yu kno thats right! LOL I LOVED student teaching in GA...Tyrone, Antwanika and Shanaynay were my favs. I know they love you :) How is the rest of life? WHere is your friend in Korea????