Tuesday, May 27, 2008


Barrett, Joanna, Kara downtown Atlanta

Got to take a little road trip this weekend with Joanna and her friend Barrett. It was an ecclectic weekend. They dropped me off at Charlotte Adams memorial service Sat. morning...she was my grandmother's neighbor for years in Decatur, GA. Afterward the three of us headed into downtown where we had a picnic at Centenial Park with some friends. I met up after that with John and Tammi (uncle and aunt from Charlotte, NC) to see a Braves game, yahoo! I was trying to remember the last Braves game I went to...I think it was in 1998, been awhile! Anywhoo, they pulled out a win with a two run homerun in the final inning! Wish you could have been there Dave!

We stayed with friends and had fun bonding before some of them move this month. Went to Joanna's church on Sunday, First Baptist Woodstock then headed back north going through Augusta for a wedding of some friends from CIU. Fun weekend! It was nice to have a break and get away from Columbia for awhile. I am working 45-50 hrs. a week now so things are busy here!

end of a semester...

Stone and his wife Yuk with a student...they are moving to LA this summer and won't be back next year, we will miss you guys TREMENDOUSLY!

Spring semester wrapped up a couple weeks ago now but I am behind in blogging. We had a final dinner and time of fellowship with our Chinese students. It was sweet to my soul. I shared with the students what a blessing and challenge this past year has been in ministry.

I came to CIU initially ready to pursue a degree in Intercultural Studies with the intent of going overseas full time at some point. Through the year I have felt God lead otherwise. I have enjoyed going to the Chinese Church and doing ministry with the Ben Lippen students but it is clear now that China and even full time foreign missions is not my heart or passion right now. I have a huge heart for international missions, but feel led more so to work from here mobilizing and supporting others. There is more to that which I will be sending out sometime in the next couple of weeks in my prayer letter update. All that to say I am changing my major to a general MA in biblical studies and hope to pursue women's ministry and discipleship here in the states. God has shown me this year how to let go of my plans and ideas and be open to whatever He has...even staying here. To be okay in uncertainty.

Sunday, May 18, 2008

prayer for China...

As most of you know China was struck by a 7.9 magnitude earthquake a week ago. I know several families that live in the area where the quake hit. They are all okay praise the Lord. The city and surrounding areas however have been devasted. The Chinese government is hard at work from what I've read and heard from friends living there, but as you can imagine there is MUCH work to be done. The death toll is over 32,000 with another 200,000+ seriously injured. Please pray for China during this time of mourning, uncertainty, and relief work.

Those over there have asked specifically for people to pray for the following things:

* strength to meet people's needs
* favor with officials to go to less reached areas
* hospital staff and workers there as the needs are overwhelming
* protection as they search for people and help out
* readiness to share the gospel and open hearts to receive it
* Samaritan's Purse - did a big emergency relief drop in Chengdu yesterday (Saturday) and teams will be helping with distribution, pray for wisdom in getting it to people who need the supplies and food most

There are dozens of sites to check out online. I am hoping to attach a slide show a friend sent if I can figure it out later. There are people in need all over the world, particularly in Myanmar right now from the huge cyclone that hit, but China is close to my heart and I want to encourage you to be praying for them in the days ahead. If you want to help out financially with relief efforts I have connections on how to do that as well. Email me and let me know. Thank you for joining with me in praying for those broken right now in China.

Sunday, May 11, 2008

Mother's Day...

the awesome owners that opened their shop up again just for us!

AMAZING GOOD burgers!!

The guys

The girls wishing our mother's a happy day from around the globe!

Me and Joanna with our Mother's Day carnations...for you mom from SC!

Inspite of being 4,000+ miles away from my mother this mother's day I had a really neat time remembering her and celebrating her. This morning I went to church to hear a friend from school preach his last sermon before he graduates from the seminary this Saturday. There were about 25 CIU-ers that went to listen to him. Afterward a group of about 10 of us decided to go to lunch together and have a little picnic. Someone suggested checking out a new burger joint..."Snack Shack, Slap Yo Mamma Bugers." A tribute to our mothers?? Sounds nuts, but it was really a cool experience, stay tuned...

So we get to this whole in the wall joint and the owners are walking out closing up shop for the day. Joanna, no pride, goes up and asks if they would be willing to open up again so 10 of us could get burgers to celebrate our mothers. They got such a kick out of her request for a mother's day lunch that they said YES! We had a picture taking fest while the two owners got busy warming up their grill again. Can I just say it was hands down the best burger I have had in YEARS?! No lie. If you live in Columbia, ya gotta go! Mom and dad, when you come back down...we'll go!

The special Mother's Day part you ask? After we all got our burgers we went to a nearby park and ate together all sharing something special we admire and/or appreciate about our mothers. It was actually a really great sharing time.

So on to sharing. I said that I appreciated how my mom always took a vested interest in my and my brother. In particular she always made our birthdays incredibly special. My mom is a cake decorator and she'd let us choose a theme for our b-days and then make AMAZING cakes each year. I shared how one year she made me a doll cake the barbie type that stands up and the cake is the huge skirt/dress. So she made a huge one (doll) and then 7 little individual VERY ornate ones for each of my girl friends who came. They all got to take one home with them. One year I remember she made a big crayon box cake and let us each decorate our own smaller crayon cakes...VERY special memories. Thanks mom!

Something else I appreciate about my mom is her willingness to drop anything to be there for me. My mother has ALWAYS be a listening ear at the drop of a hat. I remember my senior year of college when I hit a really low point overspent and anxious about getting into grad programs she dropped all she had going on and took a flight down to MN the next week to help me sort some stuff out and just encouage me. Whatever the distance, the cost, the time, my mom has always given me the gift of TIME. For that I am ever grateful. Thanks mom.

Saturday, May 03, 2008

beach weekend!

Alaskan Girls!

takin' a walk

a night out in downtown Willmington...a very cute historic southern city

Joanna showing off her new pedicure

the "Oceanic" restaurant and piere taken off our back porch...nothin' beats listening to waves all night long!

Last week I celebrated my 30th with some of my girlfriends from around the country. I have to say it was a HUGE blessing! A couple of old AK friends flew over, Carrie from ID and Joani from OR, then four friends from CIU came up. We stayed four days and four nights at my aunt and uncle's beach house in Wrightsville, NC. The Lord blessed us with perfect weather and a relaxing and crazy girl bonding time! I am truly blessed by the amazing women God has placed in my life. Above are some highlights from the weekend.