Saturday, February 11, 2006

fire weed...

One of the first things that grows back after a forest fire is fireweed. On our trip up north we passed through huge areas of past forest fires as well as current forest fires. One our way back down to Fairbanks we drove through areas of fire, flames on both side of the road.

It's awesome to me how the land is restored over years of time, areas with fireweed and green growing back in patches, other areas still charred black, and even other areas still in the midst of burning. Kind of a visual picture of how we as humans are refined through seasons of life. We experience hardship and "burning," but are restored by God's grace into something new and beautiful through it all.

Brooks Range

This past August I had the awesome opportunity to go further north than I've been before, up to Wiseman, AK in the Brooks Range. I went with four other ladies, two friends from work, Katie and Shawna and two from the states Becky and Gretchen. Got to experience true AK bush life with the people in Wisemen and back pack out in God's AWESOME WILDERNESS!! On a two day backpacking trip we saw several animal tracks, bear, wolf and moose but had no run ins with real wild life...which we were thankful for! The picture is a bear track along the river we swam in. There were small cub tracks next to it.

Sunday, February 05, 2006

tid bits

Just an odds and ends update...for any youth not aware of or connected yet with our youth website, the address is Check it out for updates on youth activities!

I also changed a setting on my blog so anyone can leave comments without having to sign on as a official "blog spot" user. Try it out, I'd love to hear from you!

Also, VERY FUN news, my friends and fellow youth leaders, Kevin and Janeen Maxwell had a healthy boy this past Thursday! Woohoo!! I am happy for you guys and can't wait to see you new little man James! Blessings on ya!

knitting extravaganza...

This Saturday a group of the junior girls came over to my house sitting place to have a big domestic knitting bash! It was great! Time flies when you knit b/c it takes time to do, but what a relaxing, low key way to bond! Emily, Jo, Erin, Alex, Elizabeth, Cathy, and Sammy made it over and worked on things from mittens, to scarves, to hats, to purses. Amanda and Merry came too to teach new techniques. I'm excited to see how all your projects turn out, especially your retro hat Elizabeth! What a blast, thanks for coming over ladies!