Saturday, August 06, 2011

a Kroon wedding . . .

Gunner and Joani (Hannah's brother and Keet's oldest sister)

Ben and Brittany (Keet's brother and sister)

Mr. & Mrs.

All through high school, college and now as adults I have known the Kroon clan. Ben, Joani, Kep and I went to WHS together back in another era of life . . . my 15 year reunion was this past May!! Since our high school days we've all gone to college, some of us have gotten married, one is on Broadway, and some have kiddos running around keeping them busy.

Last night Keeton Kroon, the youngest of the Larry Kroon clan got married up at Hill Top ski resort. All week it has been pouring rain in south central AK. It was not looking like a good weekend for an outdoor wedding but to our surprise it cleared up mid day in Anchorage and Keeton and his bride Hannah had a gorgeous evening for an outdoor celebration! It was a fun night to see lots of friends, some up from out of state visiting for the week. Congrats to Keeton and Hannah! We love you guys!

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Dorothy said...

Hello Anita, I'm REALLY missing your blogs!! Its been almost a month and I think I'm having withdrawal. Maybe I just need to give you a call. I'm sure missing you two, and your blogs always help me feel like I can vicariously be a part of whats going on with you guys. Anyway, just want you to know I sure love you...both!