Monday, October 24, 2011

prank on KGB

As I was heading home from work tonight about 7:25 p.m., we had a late day with parent conferences, I was shaken up by a softball size rock hitting the passenger side of my windshield. It was one of the moments where everything happens so fast you're not sure how to process it all.

I had just turned off Fairview Loop onto KGB and about 1/4 mile heading south when the rock hit. I heard a loud thump, shatter and glass sprayed across my face and front. I thought at first it came from a truck or car passing by but there were no cars around me. It had been lobbed up from the right ditch, probably some nutso teenager looking for a fun kick. My less sanctified self would like to kick that teenager or whoever it was.

So I pulled off at Three Bears, parked and called 911 to report it. They said they've had other instances just like that in that same area over the past month or so. NOT FUNNY. Just a heads up to all you who drive down KGB on a regular basis the stretch between Three Bears and Fairview Loop is fair game for crazies. Be careful and report to the Troopers if anything suspicious is going on, they are keeping it all "on file" supposedly and looking for kids in that area.

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