Sunday, September 03, 2006

State Fair

Sammy and I went to the great Alaska State Fair last night. I've been several times in the past and it doesn't really change much but this particular night was fun and memorable. One, the weather was AMAZING!! Clear skies, warm-ish temps, not TOO crowded, and it ended with a great fireworks show.

I have to admit I don't usually check out the produce even though it's one of the biggest draws known even to outsiders. Alaskan's grow HUGE vegetables and this year was no exception. One of Sammy's friends is in 4-H so we checked out all the produce and animals. There were cabbages weighing in at 65 lbs., a kalorabi (sp?) that is pending a world record at 87 lbs.! It was gigantic! A corn stock that measured at 22 feet! Not being a green thumb myself I'm not sure how they grow that big, some super duper miracle grow or plant steriods comes to mind, but they are impressive produce. If you're ever in AK during the state fair ya oughta check it out!

The night ended for us with a 17 minute fire works display. Sammy's friend (having worked years at the fair) got us front row seats to the show with about 5 others in a top secret spot that the public doesn't have access too. I say "top secret" b/c we were told by her friend, Irene, to not disclose this info to anyone. My lips are sealed. :-)

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ella said...

The fair and picking blueberries are about the two top things I miss in Alaska. It will be 8 years since I will be able to enjoy that 2001-2008. Crazy.