Thursday, August 20, 2009


Last week I got to spend a day with my cousin Jennifer. She was down from Northern California to stay with a friend that had surgery. We went out to lunch, spent the afternoon at the pool and then she came over to our new apartment to have dinner and play the bean game with me and Ben.

I love having family all over the country. I have now lived in three states where other extended family live, SC (near family in Charlotte, NC), MN (for college), and now CA. Ben and I are looking forward to the triennial Burdine reunion this coming summer!

Thanks for hanging out Jennifer! We hope to see you again while we're in CA!

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Jennifer said...

You forgot about watching the Cosby show! I loved hanging out! Thanks for having me. You and Ben are so adorably domestic.

With work I'm not sure when I'll be back down in LA. Kathy's not exactly doing well, but not scary enough to take off work, either. I'll probably try to be down for a couple days in the beginning of October as Craig has a break in training and should manage to be home with his mom for his birthday. I'd love to see you then!