Thursday, August 06, 2009


Some of you heard while we were on our honeymoon Ben got a phone call from one of his roommates letting him know that his car had been stolen. We literally had just gotten to Denali Park on the second stint of our honeymoon adventure and the call came. He only had liability insurance being that it was an '88 Thunderbird that well, did it's job of transporting Ben to and from class but wasn't the most reliable car in the world. So we were out of luck on getting any money back and out of a car that Ben needs to get to and from work and class being that we work in different corners of LA.

The great part came about a week later. Ben was online checking the seminary postings where sem. guys and people from Grace Church (where we go) post things online to sell like Craig's list only personal and REALLY cheap. He happened to find a car online that day for sale for $1700 OBO. He called to check and see if it was still for sale. Long story short, he knows the guy from class and after the guy heard the story of his stolen car he said he give it to us for FREE!!

Praise the Lord for his abundant provision! We definitely had not budgeted this early in the game for a new car and now we have one that is BETTER than Ben's old car! God is so good! We are SO thankful! We are now the owners of a 1993 Pontiac Grand Prix.

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Jackie said...

What a great Provision! God is good!