Thursday, August 10, 2006

bomb threats...

I'm sure you've been hearing it on the news. The breaking thing this morning is terrorist threats on flights from UK to US. Security is at it's highest level right now in London. I saw it online (CNN) at Embrees this morning and they attendent told me when I checked in just now that I will only be allowed to take one small clear plastic see through bag on my flight from Johannesburg to London tonight. I can take eye glasses, money, passport and a couple other personal items and that's it. I fly out to Jo'burg in a few minutes and will fly all night to London. I guess they are threatening now with "chemical bombs" so all liquids (water, babies milk etc.) is being tested (tasted) by officials before you get on board.

They handed out free newspapers to all of us as we checked in so we could be up to date. It's all over the news too. I'm not really worried about it. If anything, it should be that much safer in London BECAUSE of the hightened security. They arrested several men in London this afternoon, but of course don't know how many are involved. I can't use my email at the airport so blogging is my mode of communication. Sooooo, an added little spice bit to the trip and prayer request that all goes smooth traveling. Talk to you all when I get settled in the bustling land of London.


Ella said...

Greetings Anita,
I miss you allready. Wow, I am glad that they are protecting you! It has been an interesting news item with my precious Anita in the center. Remember the Bible verse about how God works things out for good. Bronwyn fell asleep on the way home from the airport and has not arisen. I guess all the play we have done has got to her.
Club went good today at the shelter. Auntie Patricia did a great job on prayer but, my other helpers didn't show one was on holiday (at her uncles-she is unemployed) and the other was busy with spring cleaning. Ugh. Pray that I get some dedicated workers like Auntie Patricia!!
Our home is all to quiet. Come back soon. I hope none of the fun London things are closed because of the mean guys!!!
Your the best!!!!!!!!!!
love in Him,

Kari Smith said...

Wow! Talk about one for the story books! I was thinking about you all day and was wishing I had time off so that I could go and join you in my home away from home! Make sure to try the Drifter bar! Those things are amazing!!!! But stay away from the's not good!

Here's a verse I have been thinking about this evening: "I will declare that Your love stands firm forever, that you established Your faithfulness in heaven itself." Psalm 89:2

May we always be able to declare that the Lord's love stands firm forever no matter what type of fire we walk through!

Love you! I hope you have a smashing time in London!