Monday, August 21, 2006

bride and groom

A snapshot of the bride and groom on their wedding day. Aren't they good lookin'? My dad officiated the ceremony. Good call, 3 Ellers in the wedding?? There is NO CHANCE we were going to make it through without tears. Three Ellers and four Denbleykers (Aimy's sibilings) were in the wedding ceremony. I lied 5 Denbleykers, Lacea, Aimy's 2 year old neice was a flower girl.

A fun memory and tid bit for those who like "details" as Ella would say, Aimy had a handkerchief made with "Dave & Aimy Aug. 19, 2006" on it in red embroidery. So when my dad got a little choked up, she pulled it out from behind her boquette and gave it to him. He was pretty tickled. For those who know the Denbleyker boys, there was bound to be a prank somewhere in the mix. They were our comic relief. Casey started it by walking down the aisle with red glittle shakey wire heart head band on his head. He looked like a love bug. Then when dad asked if there was a token brought (rings) the groomsmen huddled and Luke and Marc proceeded to get a ball and chain out from behind the back stage and wrap it around Dave's ankle. Then they brought out the rings. All in all it was a great day. A smallish, quaint ceremony and a larger reception later that afternoon for all family, friends, co-workers and church family to stop by and visit.

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