Monday, August 21, 2006


As of this past Saturday I know officially have a sister! Pretty crazy really. I've never had a sister before. I've known Aimy for quite awhile, I went to youth group with her older sister and brother and have been friends with Aimy for the past 3 years or so. We are both kind of "no nonsense" girls. Not big into drama etc, and have a similar flare for humor. She's a great match for Dave. I'm looking forward to building a deeper relationship with you Aim! Love ya!

Did I mention that she was a stunning bride?? Her dress had red beaded accents and the bridesmaid dresses (as you can sort of see) were red with white embroidery and white sashes. Very Aimy. She looked like a super model with her long gorgeous curly hair.

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Kari Smith said...

She did look like a super model and her dress is gorgeous!! I also really liked the dressed you girls got to wear! great for wearing to other things...and sharp looking for the big day! What more could you ask for! :)