Friday, August 11, 2006

Manna House

I'm in England now and surprisingly had no significant hold ups on the way. Security lines were long and we were delayed leaving but customs in London was probably the fastest, smoothest customs I've gone through.

I'm staying the next few nights at a place called the "Manna House." James and Ella recommended it so I set it up before I left AK. It's located about 2 hours outside downtown London, but it's in a quaint neighborhood and town. Missionaries run the house for other missionaries in transit (to and from furlough) to stay at. There are a couple families there right now. One I met this afternoon. They are heading back to Quaite (sp) in a week. The couple that run it are great, very hospitable.

I'm looking forward to some down time and solitude here before I head home on the 15th. There are a couple of places I'm hoping to check out while I'm here for a debrief time with our group next year. Joel Stamoolis' dad gave me some recommendations and things to check into. Thanks Joel for having him contact me! I'm planning on hitting some of the sites of course too...British Museum, Windsor and Buckingham Palace etc. I'm at a library right now where I get 30 minutes of free internet. Woohoo for free internet!

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carrie said...

I am green with envy... and totally excited for you at the same time! I love your openness, my friend. I miss you already!