Monday, August 14, 2006

little bit a London...

So in the midst of plane craze, I am getting around London famously well! That is quite a feet for those who know how directionally challenged I am. I got the trail, underground and bus thing down all by myself this time Carrie!

Saturday I did a double decker bus tour of London, well worth it for the novice in town. Then I took a tour of Westminster Abby. Didn't know it but Newton and Darwin are buried in Westminster.

Sunday I went to church in Peckam Rhye, very cool suburb! It's a friend of Joel and Naomi Stamoolis. Awesome family! Had lunch at their house then went home to crash, travel caught up with me.

Today, Monday I went on a tour of Buckingham Palace. The Queen Mother is on vacation the months of Aug. and Sept. so they open up part of the palace for tourists. HIGH security right now though. It took an extra half hour to get in. Then I took a train up to the British Museum. For all who have been there, WOW!! you're right it's HUGE and amazing. I could spend a good 3 days there b/c I can only take in so much info at one time. Amazing artifacts and information from ALL over the world. A must do in London!

That's I'll I've got time for right now, they're closing down on me! Love to you all!


Adopting Little Sissy said...

Wow Anitiwa! You really are an adventure buddy. Touring the world all by your very own self! What a summer you have had, loaded with ministry, growing spiritually, and a little peace away from home to hear the voice of God...He will give you the desires of your heart!

bacon lady said...

You could write a book about all your adventures this summer! Can't wait to see all the pics. Love ya and will be praying you home this week!

Kari Smith said...

yeah for the British Museum! I remember feeling overwhelmed when I was there but I also rememebr the really cool Egyptian display that they had! Such a great city!