Tuesday, August 01, 2006

running with zebras!

Ella and I went for a walk/run at a local wildlife refuge this evening to scope out the race course for a run we'll be doing on the 9th. This refuge has all safe animals, lots of birds, boc (antelope), zebra, snakes. We met up a few times with wild zebra and got awesome pictures right next to them! I got a little close to one once and he showed his teeth (like Mr. Ed) and kind of hissed at me so I backed off pretty quickly. I LOVE the wildlife here!!


Anonymous said...

Howdee doodee Anita in Africa!! Pls give our love to the Embrees. Mark and I just read all your recent postings. Sounds like you are in another country, all right. We are back from the beach as of late Sunday eve. First day of xc was yesterday. Today Heidi and Jo did well in their first time trial. No zebras out there. They were just dodging rain drops. Can't wait to see you. Praying..... Mmmmm

Kari Smith said...

I am so excited to see your pictures i can't even tell you! I look forward to more stories from the wilds of the running to getting to minister to people with your knowledge/skills! Love you!