Wednesday, August 09, 2006

National Holiday

So today was "Women's Day." A national holiday to celebrate women. Everything shut down today, no classes, no work, no school. They had a free day for women at a local mall so James, Ella and I went and took full advantage. James didn't get in free, but he went to get out and have adult time...they got a babysitter. This particular mall, Gateway, has a huge indoor rock climbing wall (largest indoor wall in the world supposedly), a surfing water park with ocean size man made waves, an IMAX theater, put-put and more. All of these activities were free for me and Ella. We climbed the wall and went to an IMAX movie about...South African wildlife. The movie was informative, but a little anticlimatic after having just been to a couple of the featured parks in person. I didn't mention this in my last animal post, but one of the reserves we went to we saw nature in the raw taking it's course, rhinos mating in front of us. Not exactly what we were expecting to see, but when nature calls...

Back to women's day though. After the IMAX we did some last minute shopping for souveniers and headed home exausted. Next week Friday is Ella's birthday so we celebrated early tonight and gave her gifts and enjoyed chocolate fondu for desert. It was a GREAT day! Tomorrow night I start my slow trek back home. I'll be in London 4 days and then head back to Alaska for my brother's wedding!!! I'm looking forward to the celebration and time with family.

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Kari Smith said...

Wha an amazing idea to have a day to celebrate women and to have all those fun free events! I loved the picture of you on the wall and only wish I could have been there to experience it with you!