Tuesday, August 15, 2006

on my way...

Woohoo! So far so good. I am at Heathrow and my bags are checked. My flight leaves at noon London and goes direct to LA, about an 11 hour flight. Then I hop a flight direct from LA to Anchorage...after a chunk of a layover. I don't mind the layover as long as I'm back in the states. I get in early Wednesday morning. To the Burdine clan, see ya SOON!!! It's a reunion before our reunion!

Kari...after much searching I found the much coveted "Drifter Bars" yesterday downtown. I cleaned out the store and ate one myself! Definitely down with the drifter bar, a nice mix of chocolate and caramel with other yummy somethings mixed in it! Good call!

It's hard to believe the summer is over! I'll be sending out a follow up letter sometime after I get back and settled to summarize my trips and share more specifically what God has been doing in my life.

I was reading this morning while waiting at the airport a little from John Piper's book, "Let the Nations Be Glad." The part I am in right now hits hard on PRAYER and the importance and impact of being in prayer on behalf of those who don't know Christ as well as interceding for each other as we labor TOGETHER to reach the lost. I cannot THANK you ALL enough for backing me this summer in prayer. Several times I am thanked Him for the peace, provision and effect of your prayers on my behalf. I could not have made this journey without you. Many blessings on you all!


Embree's said...

Your the best! It is a cold day in Durban. the sizzors won and I cut my hair--all of them. It is fun to be sassy again.

I am hoping that you are not reading this in London, but are letting the airline hostest massage your feet. All the walking you have done.

I am glad you liked the Brittish Musuem. I could spend many days there too. Imagine going through that with a 20 month old and max and Hannah. Max kept wanting to go the next thing, Hannah wanted to listen to each information on the headset. Bronwyn was a scare to all the security people. The hardest thing was touring a castle. Bronwyn got the curators a few extra gray hairs because of her monkey ability on castle windows. I know it was hard to tour a castle because I was mesmorized by all the amazing things and Bronwyn wanted to eat off the kings tables.

Went to see Belinda today and had the swimming/ballet/school/library/haircut day.

ace said...

Woohoo for the hair cut! You'll have to send a picture. I may be doing the same thing after Dave and Aimy's wedding. Short is easy!

I can only imagine Bronwyn in a castle!! Monkey girl is the truth! She climbs up EVERYTHING with NO fear!

Sounds like your back into the regular busy schedule. Blessings on you guys and THANKS again for everything. I am so grateful to have had that time with you.

Kari Smith said...

Yeah for the Drifter bar and for the searching and asking it took to find the coveted little bars! Thanks so much for 'cleaning out the store" for me! I love those little candy bars! So much yummy goodness wrapped up nice and neat in a bar!