Monday, July 03, 2006

Travel to Mexico

We're back from an incredible trip to Rosarito, Mexico! Many thanks to those who were praying for us those 8 days! All in all things went very well, no major hang ups, NO SICKNESS, a huge answer, one student committed her life to Christ, interactions with Mexicans were encouraging (church family and new acquaintances), and WBC students stepped up to the plate in terms of leading the ministries they were involved in. There is a lot I would like to share so I am going to pick some highlights and break it up a little to give you a better picture of what we did and learned.

Starting out the trip we had a couple "gliches." One of our guy leaders, Cody, got very sick with an infection a couple days before we were supposed to leave for Mexico. It became clear the day prior to leaving that he was not going to be able to make the trip. The Lord provided someone last minute to take Cody's place. Rob Sande, the resource manager at WBC, readily stepped in leaving his family for a week. The leader dynamics, Amber, me, Rob and Kris, turned out to be a huge blessing. We worked very well together. Goes to show God knows what is needed when and where and he is in control!

We were delayed leaving Anchorage Friday night which ended up messing our connections for the rest of the day. Initially we were going to get into San Diego early in the morning Saturday and go to a water park together as a fun day. What ended up happening is our group was split in two. One group got to S. Diego around 3:00 p.m. and another got in at 8:00p.m. Needless to say our "fun day" didn't happen, but there was adventure to be had in spontineity.

Kris, Rob and Amber (3 leaders) went with the 1st group on to San Diego. I stayed in Seattle with 6 students for a 7 hour layover. Not wanting to lay around in a airport and knowing our water park day was shot, I gave the students the option of going downtown together to scope out the water front, Pike's Market etc. They were excited about the idea so off we went. Kris and I touched base via cell phones and his comment to me when he heard our group was on a bus to downtown was, "please stay together!" For those who don't know I am directionally challenged and being the only leader, I think it made him a little nervous. We had a blast getting out and soaking in the 80+ degree weather together and made it back in time to catch our flight to CA. It was a blessing in disguise. By 9:00p.m. we were all reunited and eating dinner at Olive Garden. We spent the night at a small private college campus that night before heading down into Mexico the next afternoon.


Kari Smith said...

It sounds like you got to experience lots of adventure along with many other thigns on this trip! Thanks for posting some pictures! It was great to look at them!

And now, time for you to do laundry, pack, and get ready for your next adventure taking you down here! Oh how I wish I could meet up with you in Chicago!

Love you!

ace said...

hey lady! who took that nutso picture? are we really that weird?? when are you going to move to the great land of AK??? okay maybe don't b/c I'll be gone soon too. miss ya!!