Sunday, July 30, 2006

African Fun Run

Yesterday morning Ella and I ran in a 5K fun run in Durban. It started and ended at a mall with carnival type stuff there for kids. There were a few "runners" there that were obviously a part of running clubs and ran in blazing African time...the hard core were bare foot. The course you ask? Good night, it reminded me of San Fransisco. The hills were incredible, straight up and straight down. All in all it was a great time and the weather was perfect. Their winters are like our high summer temps. James was telling me yesterday that the more serious races you have to have a lisence to compete in. Everyone in a running club, which most are in, already have a lisence, outsiders (such as myself) have to buy one. Kind of like getting a fishing lisence. Needless to say they take running pretty seriously here. We're signed up to do a 10K on the 9th in a wildlife refuge...more of a cross country style race on trails. Should be quite the experience! Running with the elephants!

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Kari Smith said...

i should have guessed that you would get yourself into some sort of running/racing while you were over there! you are an animal eller!