Monday, July 03, 2006

foot washing...

In year's past our group has led 3 ministries in Mexico, children's ministry, sports ministry and women's ministry. This year, due to smaller numbers, we did not do a "women's ministry" specifically. Amber, one of our team interpreters and leaders, had the idea to do a foot washing for the women one afternoon to have a time to pamper them and lift them up. We purchased plastic tubs and foot washing scrub, lotions, salts in San Diego before heading down.

On Wednesday we had a fellowship day planned where our group would go with the church family at Cristo Rey to the beach and hang out together in a more relaxed atmosphere. This posed to be the perfect time/day to do our foot washing. We set up with some of the women there to meet at the church at 1:00, inviting any girls, teens/women to come.

Amber read a passage in her Spanish bible from John 13:1-17 that tells the story of Jesus washing the disciples feet. As the women sat a listened our girls began to wash and massage their feet. Some of the women enjoyed it and were very appreciative, a few were uncomfortable with us touching their feet but they sat nearby and listened. Women don't get the same TLC and pampering (little to none) that we do in America. It was a joy and priviledge to be able to serve them in that way.

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