Thursday, July 27, 2006


Woohoo!! After 30+ hours of fly time I am HERE!! I got in to Durban yesterday afternoon (Thursday) and got to hang out with Ella and the kids for ballet, lunch and play time. Last night Ella and I set out all the gifts from AK people so they had a "Christmas" of sorts here this morning. They LOVED it! Today Ella, the kids and I are headed out to a rural village pick up their next door neighbor who is out visiting her mother. James will be working at the college while we're out.

I didn't realize initially that Durban is as big as it is, over 3 million people! So I'm going to get a taste of the rural side of life this afternoon. I am EXCITED to be here! It's great to see them again and catch up. I slept a ton last night so I'm hoping to be more coheriant today. :-)


bacon lady said...

HI!!! I still can't believe you're there! Praying for you. Give Ella & the Kids a big squeeze from me. And a sock in the arm to James from Jeremy. :) Have an amazing time!

ace said...

Okay, I knocked James out for ya! They say "hi" to all the Bacon bits!