Tuesday, July 04, 2006

Cristo Rey Family

Cristo Rey in English means "Christ King." We (WBC) have developed a relationship with this church over the past 8 years. They are on fire and excited about God. It is evident throught their worship time (singing), prayers, and sharing.

Pastor Enrique and Ava started the church and have 4 incredible kids, two grown and two at home. The women of the church showed endless hospitality and love to us making amazing homemade Mexican food for dinner every night. They showered us with hugs and encouraging words. They would hang out with us long after the evening service was over to talk, eat and sing praise songs.

There were times the "flexibility," no set schedule, weighed a little on me trying to do children's ministry, but I learned to go with the flow and enjoy the spontenaity. The part of Mexican flexibility that I loved the most was the evening times when we would just sit and talk, sing, do whatever getting to know each other with no busy agendas in the way. Many of the people there still had to work each day and go to school, but they were very giving of their TIME...something I struggle to do at home. To me one of the greatest gifts a person can give is TIME. Why is it so hard to do?

The picture above is of pastor Enrique, Ava and their daughter Esther heading off to her 8th grade promotion. In Mexico 8th grade promotion is a HUGE deal. They have a full course dinner, prom style dresses and suits and a dance.

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