Sunday, July 30, 2006


We went to church together this morning. James and Ella attend an evangelical church that is attended predominately by Indian people. The building is fairly small, a sanctuary with a couple classrooms on the side. I got to lead pre-K Sunday school with Ella and had a blast. For those who know Ella she is a DYNAMIC person! Anything she does, teaching, leading, parenting, she does with ENTHUSIASM!! I loved working with her and have loved watching her with her own children.

I also got to talk some with the youth pastor at their church about my vision to bring youth from AK next summer and planning an activity/ministry that our groups could do together. Youth students and ministry are looked at in a different light here from what I've been learning. They are not in as overt ministry as in the U.S. because they are young and "unruly." Similar in some ways to our own preconceived ideas about youth, but they are starting to break out more and do more with the youth here. Talking with the youth pastor he said they do get together occassionally with nearby youth groups and had a big youth rally a month ago that went really well. I would love to learn more and be able to do something together in the future if it works out. Something to pray about!

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