Wednesday, July 26, 2006


So I am en route to South Africa. Right now I'm at the London Heathrow airport for a 7 hour layover before my final legs to Durban to see James and Ella. I flew out of Anchorage Tuesday morning and am due to be in Durban Thursday afternoon. Talk about travel time. I am thankful for this layover to be out of a plane for awhile. So far I've flown 17 hours and have about 13 hours left to fly. Woohoo for air time! I slept about 5 hours on the last flight from LA to London.

I've enjoyed great food on the plane, bread, cheese, hot tea with milk...truly European. I forgot that Europe is not big on AC, conservation of energy or something. Reminds me of our heat wave in 2003 Carrie. There are parts of the airport that are a little toasty.

I'm hoping to walk a few laps around the international terminal before I sit down for another long leg. I have a whole new admiration for the Embrees doing this with 3 small children! You guys are amazing!

I'll try to update my blog while I'm in Africa but I'm not sure how often that will be. Thanks again for your prayers!

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