Sunday, July 09, 2006

Dave and Aimy

Soooooo, this summer has been great so far and is full of trips, ministry and lots of fellowship. In the mix of all that I haven't been very faithful about updating the biggest Eller news. We're having a wedding!! I mentioned back in March that my brother got engaged. It turned out to be a rather eventful/memorable proposal.

Dave was very tight lipped about his plans to propose b/c he didn't want anything leaking out to Aimy. The short of it is he had the majority of the Wasilla PD follow him to her house one afternoon about 3:30 p.m. There was a big production when she came to the door, much to her surprise, a huge line of cop cars, lights flashing etc. All of it on video, he knelt down on her front porch and popped the question. The more memorable part for our family was what happened on the outskirts of this proposal. School was letting out at a nearby elementary school and they held up the busses for 30 minutes or so b/c they heard about all the cop cars and thought they were busting a perpetrator they'd been watching for the past month. After calling dispatch the staff learned it was just a guy proposing to his girlfriend. My mom happens to work at that school and got some great harassment the next day! Way to spice it up Dave!

The big day is August 19th. I am excited for you guys and wish you the VERY BEST! I'm going to have a sister!! Woohoo!! Love you both!

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