Wednesday, July 26, 2006


Our conference at Wheaton wrapped up Friday afternoon. We met one final time as a group before leaving to "debrief" and set individual and team goals...things they want to do when they get home to share what they have learned. One of the things they are planning on doing is going on a monthly basis to the senior center in Palmer to have a game night or just visit. We went to a senior center one afternoon in Chicago to play Bunko and everyone (young and old) had a blast! Dierdra had the opportunity, by request, to perform some of her South Pacific song/dance. They ate her up! For those who don't know Dierdra is the performer of the group, she can sing, dance, do gymnastics and anything else like it at the drop of a hat. You name a song, she has a dance.

Another goal we set as a group is to talk to our youth pastor about having this group lead one of our youth nights so they can do the lesson in a similar style to how the talks were shared during our large group times. They are also hoping Kris will let them add a mosh pit to worship. :-) I'm letting them pursue that one!

A little wrap up to the trip, Friday afternoon the group split. One van went shopping and the other went to the Navy Pier. I was part of the Navy Pier group and we had a great time riding some rides, playing mini golf and eating. Saturday we spent the entire day at Six Flags riding rides and standing in LONG lines. I finally got to try out Dejavue, nutso roller coaster. Steve and I waited and sat in the front row. INSANE!!! We all had a blast that day.

From beginning to end this trip was an absolute blast and blessing. This is the 2nd summer trip I've been on with this group and I am even more attached to them now. They are an awesome group of students. Thanks again to all who are praying. I can't think of even one glitch the entire week...aside from the insane amount of water fights. :-)

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TammyJane said...

Hey there A-nee-ta-wah,
So pumped to hear about your trip. Wish we had longer to chit-chat before you left. This excites and encourages me for next year! Way to lead and way to go girlfriend! Blessings, Tammy