Thursday, June 22, 2006

final Mexico meeting

Last night we met at the Howell's for our final Mexico briefing and prep time. Amber reviewed some cultural things with us...children's games, interpreting tips etc. and then we broke up into our ministry groups to practice with our team interpreters. It is exciting to be at this point in the process. All the pieces have been pulled together, children's lessons, games, crafts are ready to go. The girls have done an AWESOME job preparing!! This by far has been the most prep for a youth trip that I have ever been on. I am proud of all the girls going. Now we get to look forward to meeting the people in Rosarito that I've heard so much about. A handful of people on this year's team have been one or several times before so they will be enjoying a reunion with people.

We are meeting tomorrow night, Friday, in Wasilla and then heading in to town to fly out that night. The plan is to spend Saturday at a water park in San Diego and drive into Mexico Sunday morning. I won't have computer access down there, but will update my blog when we get back after the 1st of July.

On a personal note, thanks to those of you who have mailed notes and cards or given me a card or personal word of encouragement the past few weeks. It means the world to me to know that there are people dedicated to praying for me and the teams I will be with this summer. You have no idea how encouraging it is. Thank you!! Blessings on you too this summer!

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Lora said...

hi anita
just surfing around on blogger and found your blog. my blog looks just like yours! i was encouraged by what you wrote - esp the entry about beth moore. i did one of her studies a few years ago. just wanted to say hi and encourage you to keep seeking His face!