Saturday, June 03, 2006

Curtis Menard Memorial Run

My dad and I ran the CCM Memorial run this morning in Wasilla. Curtis was a family friend that I knew through Wasilla Bible Church. I used to babysit their kids when I was in high school. Now Gabrielle is in middle school! Curtis was killed in a private airplane crash in August of 2001 leaving behind his wife of 9 years, Carole and four children. Sullivan at the time was 10 months old. A very hard hit for our community, church and family. Carole is an AMAZING woman and continues to be a good friend. I enjoy stopping by occassionally to see how things are going.

Today was the 5th annual memorial run. There was a great turn out and perfect weather! So dad and I ran it this year (5K) with personal goals in mind. And yes, Dean and Dale, he STILL beats me! The Ellers are little competative, particularly with running stats. I had a PR at 23:30 minutes and dad ran it in 22:48. I figure I have age on my side so I'll pass him up eventually. :-)

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