Sunday, June 18, 2006

Mayor's Marathon

Last year three of my youth girls and I decided to start a "tradition." We entered the Mayor's Marathon Relay race in Anchorage. Yesterday we competed in it for the 2nd time and had a least I think we all had a blast...aside from getting up at the crack of o-thirty on a summer day!

The relay is broken into 4 segments, my leg 7.1 miles, Johanna ran 2nd for 8.1 miles (our endurance girl), Erin ran 3rd for 5.5 miles and Emily brought it home with 5.5 distance, 26.2 miles. The weather was perfect this year, slightly over cast and in the low 60s. The general course leads from Bartlett High to West High in Anchorage. During my leg we had a crossing with a moose and all the out of staters (New Yorkers) oooed and awed with excitement over it! It was a blast! I love talking with people on the way about where they're from and sometimes why they are racing...cancer sponser etc. You meet a lot of interesting people from all over. Only one more year left girls!!

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