Sunday, June 18, 2006


This past Thursday night we had a youth group reunion with one of our old leaders, Sarah. She moved a couple summers ago to NC where her husband is going to seminary. Blessing of all blessings, they are back all summer in AK working and interning. Ashley is working at WBC helping some with the construction of our new building along with leading the college group and preaching occassionally on Sundays.

Soooooo, the girls have been ACHING to have time with Sarah and catch up. They all came over to my house that night and we sat around talking, not hard for girls to do, and hearing everyone's stories. It was a natural fit to have Sarah back with us. We MISS not having you here Sarah!! It's great to have some time together though and I know that God is preparing your awesome family for incredible future ministry! You are dear to my heart! We love you!!

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