Thursday, February 07, 2008

spring semester's in full swing!

So I had high hopes of being on top of my blog this semester now that I have internet access at my new apartment, but that doesn't seem to be the case. After finishing my winterim class in Atlanta life took off...getting settled in our new apartment downtown, working on projects for my winterim class, starting spring classes and finding a job. It's been a bit busy to say the least, but life seems to be in more of a groove now.

A little update on things for those who have been asking and praying...I have a JOB!! Woohoo! I start tomorrow and will be working with 3 families in the area as for those seminarians who have asked that does not stand for Presbyterian Conference it stands for "Personal Care Attendant." I'll be working in homes with children with special needs...something I am very familiar with having working 5 years as a speech pathologist in elementary schools. The pay is low key, but the job is also low key. I debated doing speech therapy this semester, but the material prep, paperwork, plan time is VERY time consuming OUTSIDE of work and right now my purpose and focus is SEMINARY. After praying and considering several options, this job was presented to me and it really fits what I want and need right now. I am thankful for this answer to prayer! Thanks for praying about it!

Classes you ask?? I am taking 4 this semester, Perspectives, Hermeneutics (how to interpret the Bible), Prophets, and Mobilizing Christians for Personal Evangelism. The Evangelism class is a great follow up from my winterim class. Right now we are practicing and learning the "One Verse Method" on how to share the gospel in a quick but complete way. If only I had had this when I did my "evangelism training" study with my youth girls years ago!! I am excited for all that I am learning and that I don't have to make all my own stuff from scratch anymore! Hermeneutics is probably one of my favorites, I love ALL my classes this semester, but Herm. is SOOOOOOOOOOO GOOD!!! For all my youth now college girls and any other interested parties reading, if you EVER get a chance to take a Hermeneutics class DO IT!! I will do my best to share snip its of what I am learning as the semester progresses. It is FASCINATING TO ME!!!

On the whole, I am thankful to be back studying and feel afirmation from God (even more so now than last semester) that this is where I am supposed to be and seminary trainging is what I am supposed to be focused on. The end outcome??? No idea. But that, I am learning, is the beauty of how God works. He'll let me know my next step when I need to know it. For now my job is to soak up this training and be available and obedient to go when and where He says in HIS TIME.

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