Thursday, February 21, 2008

China Ministry

I wanted to post an update on our ministry here with the Chinese high school students at Ben Lippen (the private international school on CIU's campus). We've met 2x this semester to do large group activities and catch up with everyone after the break. It's been challenging for me to make contact being off campus now. Please pray that I will be dillegent in pursuing times to meet with my students.

Some awesome highlights already: Cherry, one of our girls accepted Christ last week. The even cooler thing? She shared the gospel with two new Chinese students 2 days later! She couldn't help herself!

Another one of our guys from last sememster EG, approached one of our guy leaders about having accountability with some things he is struggling with. He has shown HUGE maturity in wanting to change and also is growing in his faith. Stone, the leader that is mentoring him said he read through most of Matthew on his own over a period of a couple of weeks. EG is making it a point to immerse himself in God's Word, praise the Lord!

Stone is going to be starting a leadership development training in mid April for those students that are believers that really want to do more. We want to train leaders to multiply and train more leaders...whether that be here or back in China. We are preparing students for this over the coming weeks through our discipleship groups.

Pray requests: We have two new guys and as of a couple days ago, another new girl student all from China that will be a part of our ministry this semester. None of them are believers. In fact the two guys are pretty closed off to the whole idea. Please be praying for them!

Pray for our discipleship groups. I have not started mine up again this semester b/c of scheduling conflicts. Pray that I will be able to meet with my students this week.

Pray for leaders to raise up and have a passion to do a more intense training in April so they will have a solid foundation to continue ministry when they move. Several students graduate and go to U.S. universities. Some move back immediately to China.

Pray for our next 2 large group meetings. This Sunday we are doing a lesson on dating and how to have healthy relationships. Next week we are doing an Easter lesson gospel presenation b/c it is the last large group meeting we will have before Easter. Please pray for clarity in our presentation of both lessons and for open hearts and minds.

God is doing truly amazing things in our students! We are blown away as a group. I would LOVE to share pictures with you but can't for confidentiality purposes (private school students). They are awesome!

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