Friday, February 29, 2008

World Christian Week

This week was CIU's annual missions conference week, "World Christian Week." Classes were cancelled, we had special chapel services with a pretty incredible keynote speaker. Reverend Musekura spoke on reconciliation. A native Rwanda, Hutu, his wife is a Tutsi. He lived in Rwanda during the genocide and lost most of his immediate and extended family in it. Talk about reconciliation. His talks humbled me as an American, all the insignificant (in comparison) things I worry about reconciling. No one has killed MY family.

He preached his series on reconciliation from Nehemiah. I thought I'd share some of the highlights from his talks for those who are interested.

Session #1: Broken Communities (Rwanda, Sudan, Kenya)
Scripture: Nehmiah 1-2

3 Characteristics of Community Builders
* A Caring Man - we have become a prideful and self-centered people, we sit in the same pews go to the same churches but we don't truly CARE for each other, missions is dying because people have become apathetic

* Becoming Prayerful Builders - we need to ADMIT our sin, we will not begin to heal or see reconciliation until we confess our sin

* A Visionary Man or Woman - God needs us NOW, your "community" may be as close to home as your own family, reconcile relationships WHEREVER they are broken, God will give us vision after we are reconciled with people

Session #2: Preparation of a Community Builder
Scripture: Nehemiah 2:1-10

God Prepares Us in 3 Ways
* By making us emotionally and spiritually restless - just as Nehemiah was broken over the state of the Israelites our pain for lost nations will overwhelm us, always prepare yourself mentally, emotionally, spiritually so when God says "GO" you're ready

* Pray - acknowledge the hand of God in your life, prayer = preparation

* Team - walk in UNITY, not independently, we have become "tribal missionaries" all working separately in our own groups or denominations

Session #3: Rebuilding the Walls
Scripture: Nehemiah 3-5

3 Important Principles
* Principle of Coordination and Cooperation - work TOGETHER, we die (emotionally, spiritually, burn out) because we we work alone

* Principle of Social Justice - be models of social justice, share your wealth, share the gospel but meet people's physical needs too

* Principle Learn to Deal with Confidence - build with confidence

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Marie VW said...

I'm excited about the stuff you are learning Anita! It's inspiring to be able to soak up wisdom that falls so practically within our passion.

I miss you!