Wednesday, February 13, 2008

Open House

a crowd in our kitchen

our living room

This past Saturday night Kristin and I had an open house at our new apartment. We're finally settled and invited all our CIU friends over to see the new place. I also invited our neighbors...only 2 were home and one came, but it was good to start making connections with the people we live near. All in all it was a great night! We had about 30 people stop was a crowded little place, but a blast to have people fellowship in our new home!

Fun thing? We are located about 2 blocks from USC international student housing so we can walk or they can WALK to our house! Woohoo! Some came over Saturday night. We are hoping to start a bible study here at some point. Right now I am focusing on getting to know my neighbors and building relationships with them. Crazy how we, as Americans, don't INTERACT with our NEIGHBORS! Why is that?!? Kristin and I LOVE our new location and the ministry opportunities that there are here.

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