Tuesday, January 24, 2012

returning to "normal"

Praise the Lord, it's been exactly one month since my dad was diagnosed with ITP and today he was given a "green light" on getting back to normal so to speak. A quick update on the past week. Last week Wednesday was his 4th and final IVIG treatment. If it didn't work they were going to look into new treatment options.

He had his 4th treatment Wednesday, went in Friday for a platelet count in hopes he'd be at 400,000 if all was going well. And the roller coaster ride went for another crazy loop, his numbers were at 145,000. It appeared the treatment was not taking like it should be. So he came home and waited until today (Tuesday) for another blood work up. We were assuming and preparing our hearts for a drop as he had had no further treatments or means to push his numbers up. Much to our surprise and joy his platelet count was at 160,000 today! This means his body produced 15,000platelets over the past four days on their own! The doctor was pleased to say the least and said he doesn't need to come in every couple of days any more.

The plan right now is for my dad to go in once a week for a blood work up and as long as his numbers stay fairly stable he's good to go. He's been back at work and doing most of his normal routine activities which is encouraging to all of us. Praise the Lord for this news today and a stable bill of health for my dad! Thanks for praying with us through this.


Merry D. said...

Hurray for this good news Anita! We have been following his status closely. Big ol bear hug to you, dear friend. Miss you. Love you.

CindyB said...

I know this is an old post but very encouraging for me to read. I just landed in the hospital yesterday due to low platelet count. Thank you for sharing on your posts it was very helpful to get me to understand what is going on with me. Hoping i can go home soon, I have 3 and 5 year old waiting for me.