Friday, January 06, 2012

good news!

We have some really good news from today's doctors appointment. My dad's platelet count this morning was still low 2,000 (no surprise). We DID get results back from his bone marrow biopsy though and he does NOT have leukemia or any form of cancer, praise the Lord! Cancer was a "worst outcome" scenario so we are grateful to have that option ruled out. :) What the doctor shared with my parents today is that my dad has ITP which is incurable but treatable. They also said because of his continued low count platelet infusions and steriods are not helping him.

Dad had his first of four possible IVIG treatments today which in essence is a high dose of platelets with antibodies to fight whatever his body producing that is killing off his platelets. Statistically 75% of people who get this treatment respond positively to it. He had his first treatment (4 hours long) today and will go back in Monday for another blood count and a second treatment. If he responds well to the IVIG treatment they may do a third round on Wednesday. The doctor doesn't know if this treatment will work but he said there are other options to try if it doesn't. We are hopeful that it will take and we won't have to try other routes but the Lord knows.

We feel like there was progress made today in that cancer was ruled out and options for treatment were discussed so that is encouraging. Thanks to everyone who is keeping tabs and praying faithfully! We appreciate it more than I can say. Please pray through the weekend with us that my dad's body will respond favorably to the IVIG treatment.


Jason and Stephanie said...

Praying and Praying!! Thanks for the update!

amanda said...

very happy and thankful to hear this - praying for further healing for your amazing Dad!