Monday, January 16, 2012

January 11th

I apologize for getting behind on dad's updates. Last week I posted on facebook but neglected to update my blog and realize some of you only get updates through my blog. Last week Wednesday was dad's last hospital visit of that week. Just a quick recap . . . the days start to blur together so it helps me keep things straight in my head too.

Dad went in last week Monday the 9th and his platelet count after one treatment had gone up to 78,000. They went ahead that day and did a second IVIG treatment. Wednesday the 11th he went in and his platelet count was up to 172,000! The normal range for platelets is between 140,000-350,000 so he made it back to a normal range. This was a TREMENDOUS answer to prayer! The doctors decided to wait and do two more treatments this week to spread them apart some as they seem to be working.

As it stands now he will go back in today, January 16th, for another blood work up and likely his third IVIG treatment. I guess the treatment will depend on his numbers. They still do not know the initial cause of his ITP but the treatment they are using seems to be working and that is HUGELY encouraging. Doctors said last week he will probably have a treatment today (1/16/12) and Wednesday (1/18/12) to "bulk up" his count.

Dad has been feeling more energetic the past several days. He put in a half day of work Saturday and was able to go to church yesterday. He may start back working half days the end of this week or next week. I will try to post again later tonight when we get the results from his visit today. Thanks again for praying with us! There is power in prayer!

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