Tuesday, January 03, 2012

more steriods and waiting . . .

So we are still playing the waiting game. My dad went back in this morning for another blood count and a bone marrow biopsy. His platelet count was at 2,000 even after a direct steriod IV drip yesterday. The docs had a pow-wow this morning and are concerned at the low response to treatment so they are going to fast track his biopsy in hopes to get his results back by Friday and not have to wait the regular 10days.

A blessing today, his biopsy went really smooth and was not all that painful. I called dad tonight after work and he said he hadn't even taken a tylenol yet b/c he was feeling pretty good. THANK YOU for praying even in the little things and steps along the way.

The plan for now is for dad to stay home until Friday morning. They've given him enough steriods to do a daily dose at home the next two days. Friday AM if his number is not 50,000 he will do an IVIG (immune globulin). We also hope for some answers and direction from blood work and bone marrow results.

He does not need blood donations at this time. The platelet infusion didn't work so, for now, they're going with steroids for treatment. Thanks for your prayers.


Rachel said...

Anita~ thanks for the update. We are praying for him, all of you and the doctors all day long.

Marie Gums said...

Anita - my dad told us about your dad, and we have been praying for you all. I'll be checking your blog. Marie Gums

ace said...

Thanks so much ladies! We appreciate it. Glad to know you are praying too Marie even across the miles. Small world. Love you both!


Jen said...

Fellowship Bible praying in Tennessee for the best comfort pastor on the globe. Also for you and Dave and the rest of the fam. May the Lord be so close and His mercy more beautiful then ever. We sure love you.
The Howells