Monday, January 09, 2012

Great news!!

Today my dad went in for his regular blood work up and his platelet count was 78,000!! Woohoo!! It appears that the IVIG treatment is working. Our family was thrilled to say the least to hear his numbers went up so much. He's still short of the normal 140,000-350,000 count but doctors said they don't know what his count will get to. He will likely have a new "normal" but be in a safe and functional range soon where he will be off "house arrest."

As it stands right now dad will go back in to the hospital on Wednesday for another count and possibly a third treatment. He's hoping to get the go ahead this week to leave the house, go outside for fresh air and be able to go back to work in the near future. There are still steps to take and things to figure out like the reason this came on in the first place but things are looking up!

Thanks to all who have been faithfully praying with us through this time! Please continue to pray awhile longer as we wait for some more answers and a future treatment plan. Thank you Lord for Your healing touch and for extending our time with our dad, I am forever grateful.

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